Ageless Spirit of Beauty

A gentle quiet quite unheard
she pulls me into the silent place
Apart from time for but a glimpse
in the gentle breath lies her grace
An icy breath against warm flesh
upon the mountain top
Underneath it's furrowed brow
lie the age old crop
Upon her breast are trees of green
that do not turn to gray
Their story lives beyond our time
they've seen many pass away
In her hair is fire
which burns  across the plains
With speed akin to strikes of light
she cuts our feeble reins
In all the words of man and beast
she cannot be described
And through a thousand ages past
every man has tried
Yet in our tongue cannot be found
the breath of life to make such a sound
and though we praise and hail with all our heart
all we can say is a mere part
Who knew such beauty could be found
All other is pretend
In her heart she knows no time
her days are without end
With eyes of stars and moons above
fingers reach across the sky
Ears that catch a lowly curse
that hear a lovers cry
Dressed in suns and galaxies
her light fills every eye
To look upon the face of time
it cannot be compared
To tell of her to mortal man
is a joy that cannot be shared
Yet every man has tried
All of mankind has tried

Psalm 119:71

'It is good for me that I was afflicted,
that I may learn your statutes.'
~Psalm 119:71~

This verse meant so much to me when I read it last week when I was so hopeless. It just reminded me that God does what he does for a reason, and I am not suffering in vain.

Hear My Cry (Pslam 43)

A well without stop
A never ending road
As space in all its greatness

I never understood
I could not comprehend
Now I stand here breathless

Never content
Ever thirsty
I need you more each day

If not for you
Had you not cared
I should have lost my way

The night so long
would have my life
and all would be in vain

Yet you daddy,
maker of life
have saved me by your name

A righteous man
may have fears
But you save Him from them all

You carry the sword
and brandish the spear
you hear my weary call

Your are here
in my broken heart,
within my wounded soul

Said before
and said again
Come fill my God shaped hole

I boast in you
in your great name
the humble shall rejoice

On my lips
shall be your praise
I give you this broken voice

Give a shout
unto the Lord
man and angels all

Weary and torn
completely undone
on my face I fall

You hear my cry,
you raise me up;
your righteous ears don't fail

You hear the shouts
of your humble son
and you always will prevail

Rescue me from sickness,
sickness and dying;
I take refuge in your chest

Within your heart
I fall apart,
I lay here in your rest

Hope when I am cast away
Life on less than sunless days

In your hands are all I love
Safe in the feathers of the dove

Not My Own (Psalm 16)

Oh God, Oh lovely father
In you is all my worth
Apart from yours I have no strength
No place among this earth
And here you take it all away
your remind me what is mine
It takes you draining all my life
for me to finally find
As I lay face down in the dust
and gasp with every tear
In this place you rescue me
through pain you choked my fear
You will sustain me even now
sick beneath my bed
From this illness you have saved me;
your words are as my bread
For all my strength is in your words
and all that leaves your mouth
I've tried to live apart from you
but I cannot do without
Oh Lord, almighty savior
I give my life to you
Although it is not mine to give
it is all I know to do
Oh Lord, maker of our world,
that you would turn your eyes
That you would look at my mere life
among all other cries
You hear my whispers in the dark;
I have no good apart
Oh Lord, it is not me
for you dwell in my heart

These Mere Words

Oh Lord, father of the hills and trees;
Oh maker of the birds and bees.

Your glory cannot be held in idle words,
or in mans voices among the birds.

But yet I try to relay,
through all the words I say.

Your loving arms have no measure;
Your worth cannot be told be treasure.

How can one use your breath of air,
to paint a picture to compare?

How can one formed from the dust,
one in sin and fear and lust?

Model something after your might,
something that can reach your height?

Is there no way we can express,
all the peace within your rest?

Or all the love within your heart,
that caused the veil to tear apart?

What can I do to show my love?
What can be heard from up above?

Since I have not the tongue to shout,
all I can do is sell all out.

And that is all you ask of me;
I cannot even pay for what you give free.

So take these words though they are few,
for I only strive to honor You.

In all that I do;
It is all for You.

And So I Fall

Well, I know I haven't written here in a while, but I have been doing soooo much writing in my journal and song writing. Here's some of the stuff that I have been doing over the last few weeks:

Even when I'm down below
as far as I can go,
You are here

If my faults are shown
and all becomes known,
You are here

When I fight the fears
and drown alone in my tears,
You hold me still, and you always will

I don't want to see
who I would be without you;
I need you

Every time I do
my heart breaks in two;
and so I fall

More than all you care
and that I have to share;
your love knows no bounds

Will you go in time
and leave me behind?
You will Never

Though sky and stars fall around
and the darkness has us drowned,
You are the eyes of the blind.

When I am tossed away
and I dream of better days,
Your love is always mine.

You gave me your heart
It's every single part,
And it's more than I could hope to ask

You keep my boat afloat
and through the lies you wrote:
I am your mast

Dejected and ignored
your love I can't afford
But you give it to a beggar and a thief

There must be more inside
for you look on me with pride
you find me underneath

Under the shame and guilt
behind the tears I've spilt,
Your eyes go where man cannot

Caught in your flowing mane
my fearful doubts wane
You give a peace that all have sought

But they find it not
for they cast their lot
to peril fraught
and end up caught
and in their trap they rot
because of where they sought

Where they seek
they will never find
Because you give yourself only to the blind