Words for the Wailing Wall

This poem has a really amazing story behind it. I was sitting at Buon Giorno (the best coffee shop in the entire world), when God started speaking to me about the wailing wall. Now you must understand, some of my closest friends are going on a trip to Isreal -particularly Jerusalem- to pray over Isreal for its oppression and such. So, God tells me to start writing about something that I have very little knowledge of. I begin to write and all of the sudden my pen is practically flying across the page as God puts these words down:

The Lord will bring His laughter
He will dry the tears of the oppressed
From the days of sorrow
He will bring His rest
No more will you falter
Tears of joy are shed
Even through the desert
The shepherd’s sheep were fed
(So says the Lord)
“I fill the broken cisterns
I give to you new wine
Apart from me, no laughter
No joy apart from the vine
Weep not my beloved
I have heard your prayers
Wake up my beloved
In my joy you will share.”

So says the Lord

Rejoice Oh My Soul

From the pain of silence
My soul will not weep
Rejoice my soul, rejoice
His joy is my relief
I will lift my eyes
Take my heart from me
Into yours, Oh Lord
My heart has been set free
Peace to still an ocean
Sorrow cannot take
Tears of joy; a river
Gladness fills a lake
Sky has dried her tears
Light within her eye
No more draining tears
His words do not lie

In the Secret Place

In the secret place
Silence given song
Gentle voice of growing
Rushing river strong
Still; my heart yet quickens
Silence, oh my soul
Within me a wave
Gentle as it bold
Sing to me a song
Open up my ear
Whisper silent love songs
Draw me ever near
No presence as you give
-Even in the sun-
Who close his eyes by night
When you are just begun
Find me in the hollow
In the womb as old
Birth my heart anew
Speak and I am told
Find me as my lover
Embrace me as the bride
It is I you long for
Hold me at your side
Take me in your garden
Here I find your face
Grace me as a lover
In the secret place

A Peace of My Heart

Silence grows with grandeur
So follows my heart
Near the break of twilight
The sky: A work of art
To have glanced a sliver
An aspect of Your joy
Peace to carry onward
To heal what was destroyed
Weaken not, my soul
To come are brighter days
Hold this peace within
‘Till rise another day


Joy to follow mourning;
Morning follow night
Distant, ever shining
Your hope is my delight
One heart to a lover
Held above my head
Hope to start anew
Peace to go unsaid
A broken heart as praise
Poured upon the floor
Falling into creases
I will wait once more

"Twenty Years" (by Augustana)

"Do you wanna see it
The place where I am free?
'Cause in my mind I need it
But you're nowhere near to me

Do you wanna see it
The place where I am free?
'Cause in my mind I've been there
But there's no one here but me..."