I have to a sort of revelation over these past few months, and it is simply this: God always wants to talk with me. It is not one of those 'once in a blue moon' things like many think, no, He is waiting to be in conversation with me. Even though I might not always hear it, He is always speaking to me. I started to hear God's voice right about the time that I started listening. I think of it like being out at night. If I go on a drive out at night and roll down my windows, I hear crickets chirping and birds cooing and a host of other sounds. But if my windows are up, and my music is on, how am I to hear the quiet voice just outside? No matter how much I cancel it out, though, those sounds are always sitting on the other side of my walls. So is the voice of the one who dearly loves us, and loves to talk with us.