The Earth Cries Out

Glory to the Maker
King of earth and sky
Heaven's light is brightest 
Within a child's eye
Breath of heaven eases
Peace unto my soul
Joy within the breezes
When the sky shines gold
A tapestry of colors
The artist at His work
Out from His great haven
No longer will he lurk
Sing to Him, Oh angels
Feathered wings abreast
From the seated thrones
Sing from you nests
Fly to Him, dear monarch 
Your wings shall wait no more
Take this message to Him:
"We long to hear you roar!"
Awaken might lion
The sun with warmth awakes
Call us by your standard
Give the earth a shake
By your mane, unite us
Call us to your side
You have called us suns
Remind us we are brides
Call the beauty in us
Leave not heart alone
Here we make the victory
That one day will be shown

The trees dance at your beauty
Look, even the Elm!
In all his splendid garb:
"Glory to Your relm!"

I say, "The earth cries out
From cloud to heart of stone
Listen, even the weeds
Rejoice that they were grown!"

Glory to the father
In the sky, His son
On this day, remind us
Your light: the only One

Heaven's song united
In the earth, a shout:
"See our savior coming!
Our king is on His route!"

Rejoice, oh my soul
Here is found all worth
Weaken not, my soul
He has given us new birth