A Peace of My Heart

Silence grows with grandeur
So follows my heart
Near the break of twilight
The sky: A work of art
To have glanced a sliver
An aspect of Your joy
Peace to carry onward
To heal what was destroyed
Weaken not, my soul
To come are brighter days
Hold this peace within
‘Till rise another day


Joy to follow mourning;
Morning follow night
Distant, ever shining
Your hope is my delight
One heart to a lover
Held above my head
Hope to start anew
Peace to go unsaid
A broken heart as praise
Poured upon the floor
Falling into creases
I will wait once more


Mrs. Sutton said...

All these are beautiful, Chris. You have an interesting style in which the depth of feeling takes on a tangible form. I think the Father is pleased. This one was the one I think I related to the most. I have walked this road. Weeping endures through the night, but joy comes in the morning. But, in the midst of the night, He will put a new song on my heart that sustains and gives grace to hold on until the gentle rays of morning come. Thanks for your transparency in posting this blog. Nice.