If you are reading this post and hoping to find some point at the end, then just don't even read this. Most of the time, this blog is just for my own good anyway.
I really needed to unplug somehow tonight, so I figured I would just write up a blog post. I usually go get coffee (or tea, seeing as I'm not having coffee for lent) when I feel like this, but time is my worst enemy's second cousin's brother-in-law (translation: I have no time). I have so much that I need to be doing right now, from preparing for the talent show on Thursday night to practicing my lines/songs for "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown" to doing my Algebra 2 Homework. I really need to just sit back and look at everything, take a deep breath, and then just take it one step at a time.
Another pressing matter is one that has been on my heart for the last several months. It is almost a vision I guess that you could say about having a group of teenagers that meets and talks and pursues God and throws ideas and thoughts around. Maybe not even a bible study, but something along those lines. I think that something like this is so needed in this generation simply because opening up your heart is a very rare occurrence at this age when it is needed so badly. I have a calling to broken hearts, to those who do not have the strength to stand. That is what brings me alive and where I find God's strength in me, so naturally I want to serve Him in this way. I have prayed for a fellowship of hearts such as this for so long, and I feel that God is moving me towards it, but frankly, I am scared. I am definitely a person who likes to have a plan to some degree and have a general understanding of the way things will turn out, so stepping out like this is a hard thing to do for me. I feel like moses in the desert when he hears a call from the Lord to go and save the people of Isreal. God tells him to simply 'go', he does not say what he should do or how he should do it, but that he should just do it. I do trust God with my life, but something about this is scary to me and quite unnerving.
Well, that's out now. So if you've made to the end of this post, I would just ask that you would pray for me, that I would have the courage to step forward and a peace in my heart.