Words for the Wailing Wall

This poem has a really amazing story behind it. I was sitting at Buon Giorno (the best coffee shop in the entire world), when God started speaking to me about the wailing wall. Now you must understand, some of my closest friends are going on a trip to Isreal -particularly Jerusalem- to pray over Isreal for its oppression and such. So, God tells me to start writing about something that I have very little knowledge of. I begin to write and all of the sudden my pen is practically flying across the page as God puts these words down:

The Lord will bring His laughter
He will dry the tears of the oppressed
From the days of sorrow
He will bring His rest
No more will you falter
Tears of joy are shed
Even through the desert
The shepherd’s sheep were fed
(So says the Lord)
“I fill the broken cisterns
I give to you new wine
Apart from me, no laughter
No joy apart from the vine
Weep not my beloved
I have heard your prayers
Wake up my beloved
In my joy you will share.”

So says the Lord